Are all fans of wrestling Disturbed?

By David Kenney

All his life David Draiman has been wrestling with voices. People tried to force beliefs on the Disturbed vocalist and he would retaliate through song. Today, Draiman has a chokehold on his past and has taken to wrestling again–with WWF superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin’s approval.

"Apparently we’re Stone Cold’s new favourite band," explains Draiman.

Following Motley Crue, Kid Rock and Wyclef Jean, Disturbed is tapping into the WWF audience. The Chicago rap/metal quartet recently recorded a new version of Austin’s theme song. Turns out, Draiman’s a fan of Austin and wrestling.

"I love the soap opera that is the WWF," says Draiman. "If [the theme] can be somewhat symbolic of the aggression and anti-establishment type of mentality [Austin] tries to portray then I’m all for it."

Disturbed’s no-holds-barred, vertebrae-smashing sound is definitely in line with the bump and bruise of the WWF. Opening for Kittie along with Shuvel at the Mac-Ewan Hall Ballroom Thursday night, Disturbed’s take-nothing attitude is a good backdrop for a fight. Battles are nothing new for Draiman though.

Pre-Disturbed, Draiman dealt with doubters. Singing in a rock band was probably the least popular choice he made. Popular or not, he says it was the best thing he could do. The good response to Disturbed’s debut record, The Sickness, doesn’t hurt either.

"[It’s] perfect vindication," says Draiman. "Everyone wondered, everyone questioned, everyone criticized.

"It’s nice to know it actually became something real."

Channeling the past into reality takes little effort for the band; all the pressure and expectations heaped on each member makes for a storehouse of songs. On songs like "Down with the Sickness" and "Dropping Plates" Disturbed’s angst drives right over you.

"There’s a lot more where that came from," says Draiman. "You live a life full of experiences and can’t put them all on a album."

Disturbed’s experiences have been on full display for many audiences since The Sickness release in March. The group has toured with Danzig, Ministry and most recently had a spot on the Ozzfest tour.

Draiman says playing Ozzfest was a blast.

"It’s wonderful," he says. "We get to play with our favourite bands, we wake up in the morning and all we do is play and drink and eat and fuck."

Following the Kittie tour, Disturbed will tour with Stone Temple Pilots starting in October.

Before then, the band’s version of Austin’s theme will be released. No live WWF appearances have yet been planned, wrestling or performing. Carrying their weight in a match wouldn’t be a big problem though, says Draiman.

"I think we could [wrestle], it depends on whether or not they’d let us," he says. "I mean, we don’t want to hurt anyone."

Get Disturbed. See them play with Kittie in the Ballroom on Thurs., Sept. 7.


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