Clubbers crash party scene

By Hadija Gabunga

I’m tired of all these teeny-boppertop-40 G.I. Joes and Barbie dolls invading the party (rave) scene. The reason why the party scene started was for true partiers (ravers) to get away from the exact people who give raves and ravers a bad reputation.

First they banned raves, and the mere mention of the word conjured up negative connotations about so-called misfit teenagers high on ecstasy, engaging in all-night parties where young kids overdosed and supposedly had orgies.

Now suddenly it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks it’s cool to go to "raves" and take "E" and "pretend" to know what P.L.U.R. stands for.

Back when the whole party scene started, going to a rave meant you weren’t rejecting or disrespecting any of the mainstream music that was surfing at the time, but you knew there were alternatives to appreciating music. Dancing and going to raves was one of them. Partiers went out to enjoy the music of the House–Jungle, Trance, Drum ‘n Bass–dance all night and most importantly enjoy the amazing ambience. But now, not only is the cost of a ticket way up, but it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. It’s not just the clubbers that have killed the scene, but the large amount of money promoters get today to organize these parties. Even the DJs who spin are becoming mainstream. If I want to hear Moby, the Chemical Brothers or ATB, I can go to any local club.

The party scene where I’m from (South Africa) speaks for itself. Raves are held for those who have a need for things outside the norm. Hundreds of people, all ages, gather for an amazing night of dance. Not only are you guaranteed the most amazing underground music, but you feel a part of something outside the realm of Britney Spears or the fabricated Venga Boys. On most occasions partiers are there to get away from the mainstream top-40 clubbers, and it’s their natural euphoria that drives them and keeps them dancing all night.

If anything, the party scene should go underground. That way the true essence and core belief of peace, love, unity and respect will return to all true partiers.

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