Dear Darryl: What the hell have you done this time?

By Kris Kotarski

Evading taxes, smoking crack, hitting women, threatening people with a semi-automatic and finally driving under the influence. Darryl, I like those things as much as the next guy, but this has to stop. I mean why? What for? Don’t you have enough talent, don’t you have enough happiness? You’re married, you have kids. You play baseball for a living. It’s the American dream and then some.

But you’re throwing it all away. I know the medication you took before the accident was probably to take care of your pain. You had cancer treatments, and you are (hopefully) trying to break your cocaine habit. Still though, it’s not like you lack the money for a driver, and driving while you are blacked out is not very smart. But then again, maybe that money you had to drop for child support and the funds the IRS took away really took a toll on you. Robert Shapiro sued you. It’s not easy. I mean there are poor Major Leaguers, right? Maybe you’re just one of them.

Now you’re stuck with a two-year house arrest to go along with your third cocaine suspension in five years. And the charges for causing the accident and leaving the scene? Darryl, I hate to see you throw your life away like this. There is so much potential in you, even though you are not the young player you once were. You’ve had a solid career and there is still some good baseball left in you. Think about setting a good example for your kids. Think about calming down. Think about using your talents and money for something legal for a change.

Have you ever heard of Sonny Liston? How about Lawrence Taylor or Rae Carruth? You are well on your way to having your name remembered along with these infamous athletes.

There is still plenty of time and opportunity to redeem yourself. If not for the public eye, then at least for your kids. Maybe the house arrest will do you good. Maybe you’ll calm down and concentrate on your family. People laugh at you now. They point and call you an idiot, a savage, and a danger to everyone around you. They say you don’t care, but I think you do. Get help, if you can’t do it on your own. Do it for everyone who cares about your fate, and do it for yourself. If you straighten up, maybe you can be a hero again.

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