Veal: Not just tortured, murdered baby cows

By Jen Anthony

Veal… no, not a type of carcass, but the name of a creative Vancouver-based band. Why the name? Well, according to Luke Doucet, the band’s creator, the name has many different facets. It could be because, at the time of choosing a name, he was vegetarian and so for him veal represented the ultimate horror of society. Veal could be used as a metaphor for humanity. Or veal could be taken from Douglas Coupland’s Generation X, where he compared humans in office cubicles to calves being fattened for the kill.

However, whichever way Doucet decides to interpret his band’s name, he’s very certain about what he’s trying to convey with his music. Doucet wants to leave an impression of "music that is challenging, and defiant… and is seriously out of fashion." With his quirky lyrics, bizarre mix of sounds and his rock ‘n roll-country-blues style, he has managed to achieve this. Doucet admits the band’s sound is evolving and changing to a more southwestern sound, thus becoming more country and bluesy. Doucet continues to write the music for Veal, but he would like to collaborate with drummer Chang and bassist Howard in order to create a more unique sound. His alternate reason is when he’s the sole writer he starts to think he’s "the shit." In three years time, he hopes to see Veal follow in the footsteps of the Rheostatics. Although the Rheostatics aren’t exactly rolling in the dough, Doucet feels money isn’t the most important thing. He wants to continue to make music that is integral to himself as well as to his fans in the years to come. And while the band tries hard to maintain their focus and be themselves, and not just another pop band, Doucet acknowledges it hasn’t been easy. Mainly because of economical pressures, they are forced to look elsewhere in the

music industry for their income. Perhaps their perseverance and resilience will pay off in the years to come and make you hungry for more Veal In the meantime, enjoy Veal for what they are: lyrically creative and original in sound. They’ll be at the Blue Banana Lounge, Fri., Sept 22.

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