Horror flicks for Halloween friends

By Dreyton Vandale

Halloween weekend is approaching and you need an out from the costumes that never look right and the parties that consist of your five closest friends. You could go to the bar, but trying to get a cab home in your inebriated stupor and fighting off the other drunken idiots might be challenging at best. So, here’s some video reviews to contribute to the Halloween spirit and fill this weekend with nights of horror.

Pitch Black

This film will be found in the new release section of your local video store. You cannot watch this movie with a realistic critical eye and enjoy it. The premise of this film is there’s a planet that runs on solar power, but they neglected to store any energy for when the sun goes down… stupid.

Also, the fact that the crazy murderer man turns out to be a bleeding heart is a little tough to swallow. Otherwise, this movie is entertaining and scary enough to keep you interested. It’s a neat idea.


We’re talking about the original here. You can go and rent all the sequels if you want but we must be clear that we’re talking about the original Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis. If you are male you can enjoy watching Curtis bounce around in her youth. However, the music is what makes this movie. It’s a movie with classic horror music that is funny and scary all at once. When watching this film bear in mind when it was made and enjoy it for what it is. All in all, a great pick.

Blair Witch Project

To prep yourself for Blair Witch 2, you should watch The Blair Witch Project again and again and again. This movie is smart, and it’s scary as hell without the special effects. With only a tiny bit of blood in the whole movie, it allows your imagination to run wild.

And to those who say the cinematography makes them sick: have you never seen a home movie before? Did that make you sick?

Finally, the acting in this movie is some of the best of the ’90s flurried with specks of lame. It’s definitely worth your money.

The Exorcist

We’ve saved the best for last. The Exorcist is one of the all-time scariest movies. You could be watching this movie in the middle of the afternoon with the lights on and someone talking in your ear and still be freaked out of your tree.

The religious twist seems to be a little scarier than other themes of horror movies, but it doesn’t get too stupid like Stigmata starring Patricia Arquette. It’s a great movie with a phenomenal ending, which is very rare these days. The little girl is scary as hell and she makes the movie. Go watch it.

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