Charming Love

By Nicole Kobie

Sick of the way Hollywood has butchered the fairytale romance? Then the latest Nickle and Dime production will catch your heart.

Charming and Rose: True Love is the tale of a prince, princess and of course, a fairy godmother. Starring Aaron Conrad as Prince Charming, Erin Quinlan as Rose and Norma Lewis as Melisande, the godmother, it’s not your typical love story.

"It’s not your Disney idea of a fairytale," says director Javier Vilata. "It’s a more modern approach to romance."

That modernity is found in the plot and the characters. The prince’s and princess’ love for each other transcends everything–their situations, responsibilities and choices. Because of their charm and realism, they aren’t the typical archetypes.

"The characters are so human," Vilata. says, laughing. "They swear a lot. They’re your average kind of people. "

The play’s impact is not just from the characterization though. Charming and Rose: True Love has an intriguing theme that is presented simply with much imagery, eroticism and colour. In the play, the princess is trapped in a tower and can’t forget moments from her past, so she relives them through her memories and magic.

While the ending is positive, don’t expect an old-fashioned, "everyone’s happy" conclusion. This one is much more complex.

"I think it’s a happy ending, but probably some people won’t get it like that," says Vilata.

Hopefully audiences get the point that it’s all about the romance.

"They come to question what true love is. That’s what I want to get more than any kind of issue," says Vilata. "I don’t want to make an issue play, just portray two lovers who know what true love is."

Charming and Rose: True Love plays Oct. 31-Nov. 3 at the Reeve Theatre.

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