With letters comes condemnation

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Daddy’s work comes first for Catherine, Sept. 28, 2000

What a sad pathetic life you must have. To be this bitter and angry without a shred of human decency or understanding of the issues involved. Did some girl who looked like Catherine Clark laugh at you in a bar, or worse, cheat on you with your best friend?

The simple facts here are that: A.) Catherine is attractive. B.) She is a dedicated Progressive Conservative. C.) In addition to attending school she also helps her father out.

Don’t hate her because she is attractive. Attractive women and politics have been married for as long a I can remember: Margaret Trudeau, Ailene Chr├ętien, and Mila Mulroney and daughter just to name a few.

I understand Op-eds. God knows I have written enough of them. This stopped being an Op-ed when you condemned Miss Clark to a career in pornography. At which point you showed the fact that you are boorish, ill-bred and gutter-minded fools. Maybe what is most pathetic is that you cannot imagine anyone loving you enough to do this for you.

(Ed. note: No, what is most pathetic is your defamatory comment about Stockwell Day’s wife, which we cannot print in good faith.)