SU moves out of their offices

By Rob South

From Nov. 2 until the new year, University of Calgary students won’t see Students’ Union officials in their offices. To allow for $200,000 in renovations to occur, the SU is temporarily moving their offices to the old club office area in MacEwan Hall, rooms 209 and 210.

"Right now is the only opportunity to do something like this," said SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Matt Lauzon.

According to Lauzon, the old club office area is only available for a brief period of time before it has to be cleared for Mac Hall expansion and redevelopment.

"I don’t expect people to notice much in the way of changes," said Lauzon. "People can still contact us through the same phone numbers and e-mail addresses."

The limited amount of space in the old club office area means that SU executives and staff members will share offices. There will usually be two to four people in an office, although some of the larger ones may have as many as seven people.

"There is trouble getting enough power to the offices," said Lauzon. "Both in terms of electricity and Internet cable."

However, Lauzon expects these problems will be fixed shortly.

To handle visitors to the temporary offices, the SU will be setting up a reception area at the opening to the office area. Students are welcome to stop by.

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