Weekend update with the Dinos

By Randy Lewis

Three and one over the past two weekends signaled a rebirth and a significant turn around for the University of Calgary Dinos men’s basketball team. Guard John Riad’s 36 points against the third-ranked University of Alberta last weekend made it seem like a continuation of that trend.

That was not the case.

Two losses by over 20 points in Edmonton saw that solid effort forgotten like a New Year’s resolution in February.

They were killed on the glass, they were killed at the line and the endless parade of pointless fouls and careless turnovers didn’t help much either.

If you don’t believe me, we should sit down and look at the scoreboard. Friday night: U of A 95, U of C 72. Saturday night: U of A 87, U of C 67. Before you rush for your calculators, allow me to do the math: that’s an overall drubbing of 182-139.

Boys, this won’t get you very far; good thing there’s always next weekend at home and at least Manitoba isn’t third in the country.