If the floor’s a-rockin’, don’t come knockin’

By Hadija Gabunga

Tired of sex in the city? Well, sex in rez is kind of like a bad rerun of Sex in the City. Anything basically goes, as long as all sexual activities remain behind closed doors–that is, according to the "Community Agreement." No sex in the showers, bathtubs, laundry facilities, fire escapes, hallways, lounges and (sorry folks) no sex in the elevators is allowed in rez. No sex in the showers? That’s no joke, and it’s one of the many violated rules in rez. I’m no Dr. Ruth, but when it comes to sex, promiscuity in rez has definitely become a lifestyle.

This is how simple it gets. Sex in rez is convenient for three basic reasons: 1. the male-female ratio leaves both sexes with countless possibilities, 2. you don’t necessarily have to go out of rez to meet someone; social interactions occur everywhere–in the cafeteria, bathroom, study lounge and, yes, even in elevators–and 3. most importantly, chances are you never have to worry about whose place it’ll be because you both most likely live in the same vicinity.

There are pros and cons. People in rez always seem to forget one major thing: floor incest is not always such a good idea. Unless you’re interested in an appearance on Jerry Springer remember that no matter how far things go, whoever you get involved with you still have to live with for the remainder of the year.

Act with caution. This unfortunately includes not acting on your lust for your CA or SR; no community is viable without some form of authority, so violating relations between you and your community leaders could create conflict. If you’re thinking of re-enacting Felicity’s life, remember it’s just a TV show.

Don’t get me wrong; rez is not one big orgy. Not all rez people are hormone-laden, promiscuous, irresponsible people; there are those who appreciate the benefits of close relations in an environment where interactions are inevitable. The weekend festivities provide all with many opportunities; what goes on in each rez building differs, but with the same basic outcome–for one to explore all the options. Seek and ye shall find.

There are dangers/consequences that come with sexual experimentation, and alcohol plays a large role. On most occasions alcohol serves as the catalyst and we all know that things can get out of hand. Another factor is the rez community can have that small-town mindset; if you value your reputation, don’t get involved without knowing the ramifications of your actions. It’s a small world; everyone knows someone and sooner or later even someone in Cascade Hall will know about it.

Seeking the opposite sex is fun but in rez there are a few things to remember. If you want to prolong any relationships with people on your floor, don’t complicate things by engaging in any "extracurricular activities." And a word of advice: the walls may be made of brick, but remember, Rez Services made this place and yes, they really are paper thin.

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