Harmer wishes You Were Here

By David Kenney

Music for brain surgery. Sounds like a bad K-Tel commercial for an elevator music compilation. Sarah Harmer’s music is anything but that, however, that’s one fan’s description of what Harmer’s music helps him focus on. He’s not alone. Another fan’s message on www.sarahharmer.com mentions how Harmer’s latest CD, You Were Here, "got us through another… Continue reading Harmer wishes You Were Here

Time for a shower

By Nicole Kobie

Fast food or a home cooked meal? An automated car wash or leisurely waxing your car on a Sunday? A shower or a day spent at a traditional bathhouse? The latter is the difference looked at in Shower. The Chinese film is the story of Da Ming, a modern, wealthy, finely-dressed businessman who returns to… Continue reading Time for a shower

Play a darling

By Alex Brown

"A duet for three." This wonderful articulation, both poetic and paradoxical, creates an atmosphere of smokey spirituality, which is precisely the purpose of this unique phrase. As the subtitle for The Darling Family, these words set the mood for the theatrical journey that follows. The players in this duet are He and She, a couple… Continue reading Play a darling

Heavenly bodies kick ass in Charlie’s Angels

By Fraser Tingle

Judging from the film trailer and the colourful advertisements, Charlie’s Angels has the potential to be super misogynistic, overtly sexual or really sexy and a lot of fun. Who knows… maybe none of the above. Here’s two different perspectives on the angels. Review 1 by Mary Chan      Once upon a time, there lived three angels named… Continue reading Heavenly bodies kick ass in Charlie’s Angels

Sold out show a treat

By Matt Oakes

I love the smell of punk. The asphyxiating fragrance of tobacco and pot mixed with the fantastic aroma of beer-drenched body odour is enough to get the heart of any punk rock fan beating. On Oct. 31, to the delight of the sold-out gathering, Face to Face and opening acts Gob and Saves the Day… Continue reading Sold out show a treat

Funk fusion from T-Dot

By Justin Lee

In this day and age of carbon-copy pop, materialistic hip hop and the same re-hashed slop, T-Dot’s Pocket Dwellers come on the eclectic tip by fusing elements of jazz, hip hop, funk, soul, rock, reggae and drum-and-bass within their music. On their recently released full-length debut, Digitally Organic, the PDs create a musical gumbo that… Continue reading Funk fusion from T-Dot

Professing for peanuts

By Nicole McPhee

The life of a sessional instructor is not easy as there are long hours, poor pay, few (if any) benefits and an uncertain future. "I’ve had limited benefits for two years, but it’s never guaranteed from year to year and I could easily not have them next year," said University of Calgary sessional English instructor… Continue reading Professing for peanuts