Dinos flush Bobcats in a whirlwind of offence

By Darren Friesen

The University of Calgary men’s hockey team missed an excellent opportunity last weekend to move into a second-place tie in the Canada West division with the Lethbridge Pronghorns. Hypothetically, by beating the visiting Brandon University Bobcats twice they could have improved their record to 8-5-1, however, this was not meant to be. Friday night at… Continue reading Dinos flush Bobcats in a whirlwind of offence

Don’t look now Timmy, I’m taking Old Yeller out back

By Еvan Osentоn

There’s a scene many of you might be familiar with in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment where a horse is flogged to death before a crowd of onlookers, including one very impressionable child. It’s a disturbing literary moment, to be sure. Well, that scene was nothing compared to what happened last weekend at the Olympic Oval.… Continue reading Don’t look now Timmy, I’m taking Old Yeller out back

Memorial University faculty strike over

By Natalie Sit

Four thousand three hundred and seventy-five kilometres from Calgary, the faculty of Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland went on strike Oct. 31, foreshadowing a possible trend in the Atlantic region and the rest of Canada. The Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association spent a year attempting to secure a salary proposal from the university.… Continue reading Memorial University faculty strike over

Model UN almost victorious

By Вen Li

Not since the Treaty of Versailles had France been such a power, but the city of Philadelphia turned out to be a Waterloo of sorts. The University of Calgary Model UN team placed fourth for representing France at the University of Pennsylvania’s Model United Nations Conference last week. "We’re really excited about the number of… Continue reading Model UN almost victorious

Sparrow returns

By Rob South

In nature, the sparrow is known to be migratory; in the case of the University of Calgary’s Board of Governors, this is also true. Former Calgary MP and Tory Cabinet Minister Bobbie Sparrow is returning for a second stint on the BoG. "I did serve on the board in the mid ’70s for three years,"… Continue reading Sparrow returns

The hills are alive

By Вen Li

Imagine one second you’re comfortably skiing, and a few seconds later you’re buried beneath thousands of pounds of snow, running out of air; this is the harsh reality of an avalanche. But it is survivable if you have the right knowledge. About 150 people gathered to learn about avalanche safety on Sat., Nov. 25. Members… Continue reading The hills are alive

Wal-Mart wins Sweatshop Retailer of the year

By Ruth Davenport

Behind its smiling employee faces and shopper-friendly prices, Wal-Mart is hiding something they don’t ever want you to find. On Sat., Nov. 25, about 30 individuals gathered at the Southland Wal-Mart to protest the company’s continued use of sweatshops in foreign countries. Interspersed with "carols with a conscience," rendered by the activist group The Raging… Continue reading Wal-Mart wins Sweatshop Retailer of the year

Delhi Deli closing

By Rob South

After 11 years in MacEwan Student Centre, the Delhi Deli will serve samosas for the last time on Nov. 30. The month-to-month lease the store has been on since 1997 is not being renewed by the University of Calgary Students’ Union. According to SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Matt Lauzon, the Delhi Deli pays the… Continue reading Delhi Deli closing