Dean Fisher: A farewell to fifth-year Dinos

By Natalie Sit

Dean Fisher is having some memory problems… sort of. When asked his favourite memory of his Dinos career as a running back, he paused as if he’s running through the past four years. He must be really tired.

"My first touchdown in 1996," remembered Fisher. "It was the first time I played. It meant a lot to be playing and scoring when you’re a rookie."

After finishing this season as the top scorer in Canada West with 78 points, Fisher shrugs off the achievement. He is Borg-like in his devotion to the team, pointing to the fact they were successful from a team perspective.

"The scoring I didn’t notice as much as the games we had," said Fisher. "Sorta one yard and a touchdown. The yards we produced as whole are part of the running game."

The former computer science major (a formidable football player and a computer science major?) has no plans for the future other than to work for his father in December and marry his fiancée in August.

It seems Fisher wasted money on tuition when he has learned more on the football field outrunning his opponents.

"I found more value in football than in university. Life skills, work ethic, camaraderie, friendship."

So as he runs into the sunset, heading for the endzone, Fisher has one hope for next year’s edition of the Dinos.

"Younger players really like the fact we had a successful team. [They learned what it] means to be a Dino."

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