Mini News Stories

By Вen Li

Six hundred delegates representing 1.3 million Canadian post-secondary students will attend a national conference of student associations this summer.

The U of C and Mount Royal College will host the conference at the Telus Convention Centre from June 7-12.

"This conference is a first," said Students’ Union VP External Duncan Wojtaszek. "It made sense for us to combine the separate smaller conferences and organize one that’s bigger and better."

"Superb speakers" are expected at the conference which combines five previously separate conferences and will be funded by delegates and corporate sponsors. The organizers of the conference are looking for volunteers who will be able to attend educational sessions for free. For more information, contact SU Volunteer Services.

Myths about Post-Secondary Education

     The Calgary Faculty and Student Alliance unveiled their "Myths about Post-Secondary Education" publication at Mount Royal College on Wed., Jan. 17. The document seeks to counter misconceptions about education costs, student debt and university research.

"We set these misconceptions straight with statistics and information that will surprise many readers," said CalFASA co-chair and U of C professor Harry Vandervlist. "Few people realize that a degree can cost over $100,000 or that tenured professors can be fired for poor performance."

The U of C Faculty Association, Graduate Students’ Association, and Students’ Union are members of CalFASA.