From the ashes of the walrus comes insanity

By David Kenney

The bad date. Almost everyone’s had one complete with a "groan, why’d I say or do that" thought. And since time travel isn’t yet possible, getting back those moments isn’t realistic. Thanks to Hidden Insanity Theatre, such realism isn’t necessary.

In David Ives’ Sure Thing, the campus theatre group portrays a couple who can’t get it right but get loads of second chances at the Pumphouse Theatre from Jan. 16-20. Set in a coffee shop, the bumbling would-be-lovers mess up and then, in true Groundhog Day fashion, they start the date over. Unlike the Bill Murray comedy though, the story advances as the couple gets it right.

Sure Thing artistic director Amanda Hillman says the play is for anyone who’s wanted to go back 30 seconds. As part of Hidden Insanity’s theatre montage Take 2, the play is featured alongside U of C philosophy grad student Jonathan Chap-man’s play re-run madness as well as three monologues: Is Beauty Subjective, Is Beauty Objective and Lions, Tigers and Bears. Rerun madness involves two buddies hanging, watching TV and analyzing it.

"It’s basically about analyzing media and turning it on itself," says Hillman.

Since last May, Hidden Insanity has picked up the pieces of former campus drama club Mind the Walrus, welcoming drama and non-drama types alike to participate in theatre. Hillman says the aim of the group is to offer an alternative to cliquey department clubs. In addition to live theatre, the group does improv nights. Past improv nights have included Improv Survivor, Improv Olympics and Wheel of Improv, and upcoming shows include Improv, Improv, Improv and Improv Survivor 2.

"Most of us are excited yet terrified," says Hillman of their Pumphouse performances.

"There’s always someone running around saying ‘no one’s going to come, we’re doomed, we’re doomed.’"

Tickets to Take 2 are $8 for adults, $6 for students and available at The Pumphouse Theatres or through Hidden Insanity at 228-0748. For more information on Hidden Insanity events and how to get involved, check out

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