Weekend Update: Men’s Basketball

By Lawrence Bailey

Though unsure whether they were stooges or mice, fans in attendance Saturday and Sunday saw three cataract-ridden egos dressed in striped suits ruin some fine performances. By the time the dust finally settled and security escorted the witless refs from the building, the Dinos (6-8) had unfortunately dropped both games to Simon Frasier University (7-7). These were two evenly-matched teams and two hard-fought games dominated by streakiness and plagued by inconsistencies. The dynamic duo was in full effect on Saturday (Riad 18 points, Hornsberger 18 points, six assists) and Sunday saw a towering performance by Wes Jickling (22 points, 18 boards).

Sadly, these numbers need to be there night in and night out if the Dinos are going to top .500 any time soon. The player of the weekend was definitely Jordan Mason of the SFU Clan, who paced his teammates with 53 points and 11 rebounds over two games. The Dinos were unable to match Mason’s numbers or his ability to hit clutch shots. With both games as close as 91-84 and 80-75, his play was the difference. The losses send the Dinos into next weekend in a four-way tie for second last in the conference with only the painfully inept Saskatchewan Huskies ranked lower. Their opponent on Jan. 19 and 20 at the Jack are the boys from Lethbridge, one of the teams duking it out near the cellar.


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