Women’s Hockey: Weekend Update

By Еvan Osentоn

You have to give the University of Calgary’s women’s hockey team some credit–not only do they find new ways to lose every week, they give the media covering them some fantastic statistics to play around with.

Check these out: On Fri. Feb. 2, the Dinos lost 16-1 at home to the University of Regina. That’s not a typo. The Dinos allowed so many goals it took two game sheets to record all the tallies. Regina forwards Erin Tady and Brandy West each scored four goals and added three assists. Two opposing players having seven-point nights is an unprecedented event; one that would have made the cover of this very paper had it not been for Leighann Doan’s impending retirement.

Saturday’s game ended in a 6-0 Regina win. That’s a far less tantalizing statistic, but exhaustive research revealed the shots were 68-5 in favour of Regina. That’s fantastic–fantastic in the "grotesque" or "freakish" sense. It’s not very often that a hockey team gets outshot by a factor of ten.

Overall, the Dinos were outscored 22-1 over the weekend. One has to wonder why the Rams ran the score up like that–it seems awfully unsporting of them. Still, six-for-68 is not exactly a great shooting percentage. Maybe they took it easy on the Dinos. One wonders how the Dinos would fare against the Rams when their goaltending wasn’t "on", as it certainly was, at least on Saturday. Congratulations go to Dinos’ keeper Tonya Young for at least keeping the game close.

Nationals start Feb. 16, and as most students are well-aware, the Dinos are hosts. It should be an interesting tournament–for the media, anyhow.


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