Bad Kitty Stillborn

By Rafael Ford

Bad Kitty will never see the light of day thanks to a loophole in the "Name the Stör" contest rules.

The University of Calgary Student Union ruled in favour of retaining the name Stör instead of Bad Kitty’s Snack Emporium–the name the "Name the Stör" contest winning entry.

"The contest was to name the store but we always reserved the right not to use the name as the new name of the store," said SU VP Finance and Operations Matt Lauzon.

According to Lauzon, the purpose of the contest was not necessarily to find a new name but rather to get students involved on campus.

"The point was to generate ideas for a new name for the store and none came forward as one that should be named for this store for the next fifteen, twenty years," said Lauzon, who claims common consensus the reason for staying with the current name.

"A lot of student comments were received saying that this store name should remain the same and in fact, in the contest, most people put Stör name as their name."

Although the name will not change, Nick Berdusco, who won the contest with "Bad Kitty’s Snack emporium" will retain his winning prize of a new bike and a years supply of slurpees.

"I’m okay with that, I liked the original name!" said an unconcerned Pordusco who only entered for the prizes.

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