You suck, continued: CASA responds

By Mark Kissel

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "And funding for some…" March 22, 2001 Unfortunately, the Gauntlet editors entirely "missed the boat" and, in fact, sunk swiftly to the bottom of the lake when writing about the CBC interview between Jeff Collins and myself from Fri., March 16. While I may not have highlighted specific problems that are… Continue reading You suck, continued: CASA responds

Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

By David "Davey J" Miller

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Mallrats Rejoice for Ricky," March 22, 2001 My letter can be summarized in one simple math theory, though I urge you to read on if you’d like the explanation behind it: "The union of 14-year-olds and readers of the Gauntlet is an empty set." I am curious as to why the… Continue reading Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

Politicians pollute Ottawa with stupidity

By Lawrence Bailey

So Preston turned tail and ran. Frankly, I don’t blame him.The House of Commons has shown over the past few weeks how pathetically juvenile and useless our representatives are. Have they spent time hammering out legislation or trying to advance the interests of national security or business? No. They’ve been calling each other names, asking… Continue reading Politicians pollute Ottawa with stupidity

Meet Brother Harmonius Rain

By Rob Granger

I have a confession to make.Every couple of weeks or so, a few of my male friends and I gather around in a tight circle, elbows almost touching, at our friend’s house (we’ll call him "Mongo"). Our special gatherings provide us with enormous pleasure. We giggle childishly. We slap each other with jocularity and tenderness.… Continue reading Meet Brother Harmonius Rain

Sim shitty 2001

By Editorial

Anyone who’s played Sim City knows you can’t build low-density hous ing all the way to the mountains. As well, any good Sim City developer knows that in order to reduce traffic on the roads and maintenance expenses, one should definitely install not only an efficient transit system, but one capable of expanding to meet… Continue reading Sim shitty 2001

Student politicans capitalize on apathy

By Ruth Davenport

Put your ear close to the ground and you may hear the sound of student dollars being misspent in the name of student apathy.Last week, members of the Students’ Legislative Council passed a motion–unanimously–to pay each of the newly elected executives up to $500 as "remuneration" for time dedicated to training in their respective positions.This… Continue reading Student politicans capitalize on apathy

How to influence, inform and interpret

By Neal Ozano

There are a lot of people on campus who don’t seem to understand the rights and responsibilities of media.In recent letters, readers accused the Gauntlet of being untrue to journalistic integrity by giving students information on which to base their votes. One letter accused the paper of being similar to an "Internet billboard" because we… Continue reading How to influence, inform and interpret