Earning the respect

By Kris Kotarski

Talent: A
The swimmers draw from the deep end of the talent pool, with athletes like Megan Kinsella–who just earned a full swimming scholarship in Florida–and Olympian Rick Say. On the men’s side of the lane rope, many of the swimmers had varsity experience coming into the season; the women, however, were almost all first-year students.

Effort: A
Although the team finished second to University of British Columbia, the grueling practice schedule (two hours/day, Monday to Friday) bears witness to their solid effort. Indeed, never have I seen a team so drenched at the end of every single practice and meet. The swimmers always gave their best, never simply keeping their heads above water. This effort was recognized as Say won "best swim of the meet" at the CIAU Championships this year.

Coaching: A+
Coach Mike Blondal won Male Coach of the Year. ‘Nuff said.

Performance: A-
The Dinos were strong all season and worked as a team to get high scores all year long. More often than not, the margin of victory for UBC was pretty slim. Unfortunately, the Dinos were like a tragic hero: their hubris led to their undoing and their enemies took the throne at the end. But there is an upside. Unlike the tragic hero, they didn’t go mad and die a horrible death during the falling action. Translation for non-English majors: hubris = excessive pride, falling action = denouement, or the part between the climax and the end.

Overall: A

Song they remind me of: (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. They tried and tried and tried, but they still can’t get no sa-tis-fac-tion.

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