Election here . . . an election there

By Jane Alkhouri

Ah, it’s election time again… which one you ask? We have the provincial election taking place on March 12 and the Students’ Union general election from March 14-16.

Most university students don’t even bother voting. Why is that? We pay taxes and contribute just as much as the next person. Unfortunately, it seems as if many young people like ourselves are just so apathetic when it comes to politics and issues that effect our everyday lives, like tuition, health care or the electricity bill. At noon on Feb. 28 at Speaker’s Corner the provincial candidates from Calgary Varsity participated in a forum and answered questions from many concerned students. In addition, in this issue of the Gauntlet you will find the Elections Supplement, put together by your Students’ Union.

So you can’t vote on March 12? Fear not, I too will be away that day and will be voting at the advance polling stations from March 9-10.

As for the Students’ Union general election, candidates’ forums were conducted in Mac Hall this week. If you missed them you can find platforms and photographs in the Students’ Union Election Supplement. I encourage you to read the candidates’ platforms before voting. And please don’t vote for someone because they are your friend’s mother’s niece’s significant other. Remember, these people are elected for a whole year.

Vote for who you want in these two elections but keep in mind that as young people, many of us tend to vote in a block. So getting out there and voting could send a message to the government that we are out there and we demand that our needs and concerns be addressed.

Quick recap: advance voting for the provincial election is March 9-10, election day is March 12. The main parties and their leaders are the New Democratic party with Raj Pannu, the Alberta Liberal party with Nancy MacBeth and the current government, the Progressive Conservative party with Ralph Klein. The Students’ Union election runs March 14-16.

It’s a hot race this year, particularly for president with eight candidates running for the position.

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