Construction saga update

By Natalie Sit

While the Winter semmester winds down, construction still motors along.

University of Calgary Director of Campus Planning Barry Kowalsky says the Information Communications Technology Building is on target and will be ready for classes in the fall. As for the not-yet-started Calgary Centre for Innovation Technology, Kowalsky is fully confident the $18 million project is still on budget and schedule and will be ready for Fall 2002.

"CCIT is moving along," said Kowalsky. "We’ve selected a construction manager. The start is imminent in a month or two."

The Campus Community Plan was approved by the Board of Governors in February. The approval will allow the university to apply for funding for new academic buildings that address long-term space requirements.

As for short-term space requirements, the university will set up four portable classrooms near Education, Math Sciences, Science B and Engineering.

"We’re out of space," said Kowalsky. "People are hanging off the rafters. We’re taking classrooms on the top floors of buildings and reassessing them as faculty offices. It’ll free up space [in buildings] like Earth Sciences and Social Sciences."

The university is also in negotiations to buy the Esso Building in the University Research Park for use by researchers and the Faculty of Science, but the university is unsure of the cost.

MacEwan Hall is no different from the rest of the campus in terms of construction. According to Students’ Union Vice-president Operations and Finance Matt Lauzon, the Stör’s move went smoothly and Witchcraft hair will move into the Stör’s old space. As reported in last week’s Gauntlet, the International Students’ Centre and Disability Resource Centre will move in favour of Campus Security.

"The university has to make a decision about Campus Security and the Disability Resource Centre," said Lauzon. "We’re trying to light a fire under their butt to make a decision, otherwise it might delay expansion."

Lauzon expects to finish the expansion in the Fall, but said the interiors will need completion.

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