Canada gets double dose of Dino

By Kris Kotarski

There are two distinct scenarios.

One: After being named to the Canadian national women’s volleyball squad, Dinos power hitter Krista Kinsman became too big for a worthless two-bit rag like your beloved Gauntlet. She let all the fame and fortune go to her head, dyed her hair purple with orange streaks, started kicking courtside cameramen in the groin and proclaimed she is bigger than David Hasselhoff.

Two: Kinsman is actually living in a Winnipeg dorm room where a direct telephone line for her use is a "work in progress" and this reporter was unsuccessful reaching her due to his overwhelming devotion to spring classes this May long weekend. In this version, Kinsman’s plumage does not resemble an exotic parrot and to our knowledge she has never kicked a reporter or a photographer though we concede we know little about her shady past. However, we do know it included a stint with the Oregon State Beavers of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

One reason Kinsman returned to her hometown of Calgary was to have a schedule compatible with the tryouts for the Canadian national team. Everything went according to plan. This spring, along with Dinos middle blocker Tracy Keats, she was invited to the evaluation camp. Kinsman made the squad and has a couple months of training in Winnipeg before the team travels to the Dominican Republic, and later, to China for international competition this summer.

"Krista is one of the core players in the future of our national program," said Dinos Head Coach Kevin Boyles. "Her work ethic, size and strength are excellent for the international game. I think she’ll make a pretty big impact right away."

While Kinsman is well on her way to success in the national program, Tracy Keats is just beginning her journey in Canadian volleyball. Keats was selected to the national B team, where she will develop her skill for a month this summer.

"She’s got tremendous potential," said Boyles of his six-foot-two middle blocker. "She can go all the way for sure. Tracy is going to grow a lot and I think she’ll come back a much more competitive and aggressive player."

"I was surprised I got the invitation to national camp," said Keats. "But after I got there I saw that I should be there and be a part of the program."

Keats also admitted she’ll have to be in better shape for the camp as the semester break has been full of activities which fall under the "maxin’ and relaxin’" category.

"If I’m not in shape when I go I’m gonna get killed," she laughed. "And for the four weeks I’m there it’s going to be tough."

Both Keats and Kinsman will be back at the U of C this fall and Coach Boyles is optimistic the experience his players gain will make the Dinos stronger.

"Anytime you step up to a new level you’re going to be better," he said.

Hopefully, after rubbing shoulders with the best in the country, the Dinos will improve enough to get back to the elusive national finals and get another crack at Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union gold.

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