Kobe dreams a dream

By Kris Kotarski

"I always dreamt about having my own shoe." Maybe that’s not exactly word for word, but it’s close enough. This little verbal tidbit came to us courtesy of Kobe Bryant, a 23-year-old professional basketball player, a two-time National Basketball Association champion and an amazing athlete. Throughout this year’s NBA finals we were bombarded with Adidas… Continue reading Kobe dreams a dream


By Ryan Laverty

You can feel the excitement and anticipation in the voice of Calgary RoughNeck’s Head Coach and General Manager, Kevin Melnyk. A former member of Canada’s national lacrosse team, Melnyk has a solid idea of what it will take to add a winning team to Calgary’s sports arena. And with a few key acquisitions at last… Continue reading Rough-housers

Tainted glory

By Ruth Davenport

Last week, I was pleased to count myself among hundreds of proud graduates who walked the stage to shake the hand of Jack Perraton, the university chancellor. To cheers and applause, we the took our seats, replete with the satisfaction of a job well done. For myself and approximately 100 other kinesiology graduates, the plan… Continue reading Tainted glory

Good news for heart research

By Ruth Davenport

A spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down, but some extra cash will get better medicine. Last week, University of Calgary researchers received the two most prestigious scholarships from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. "This will really help my research," said Dr. Donald Welsh, who received the McDonald Scholarship Award. "It’ll… Continue reading Good news for heart research

Rough times for Calgary nightclubs and patrons

By Ruth Davenport

While the city reverberates with the echoes of the Gay and Lesbian Pride parade, another symbolic step down the path of societal acceptance, trouble brews in Calgary’s downtown core at two well-known nightclubs. "I’ve lived in Calgary for 24 years and I’ve never come across racism that blatant," said Christina Kang of Calgary. "I’ve never… Continue reading Rough times for Calgary nightclubs and patrons


By Patrick Boyle

One day, malignant tumours may be cured by the relatively simple injection of a particular virus, according to recent medical research at the University of Calgary. Although U of C researcher Dr. Peter Forsyth can’t promise anything yet, he and his colleagues at Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre have made significant new advances toward the… Continue reading CANCER RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGH