2001 Bar Supplement Introduction

By Lawrence Bailey

As fans of alcohol and the Simpsons alike, we felt it necessary to include them both in this year’s Gauntlet Bar Supplement. Hence Surly, Remorseful and the rest of the gang grace our cover along with the lovely Miss Alison Gowling, the Gauntlet’s resident artist. After years of experience in the realms of drinking, bar hopping and late-night Denny’s, we feel as though we have a lot of advice to offer to promising rookies like Alison and anyone with a fascination or a budding interest in the alcoholic arts. Our journey might be compared to the Odyssey, to Ponce de Leon’s quest for the fountain of youth or possibly to the long and winding road that is Darryl Strawberry’s Major League Baseball career. Regardless of your reasons for reading–or ours for writing–we hope you enjoy this informative and entertaining supplement. Drive safe, and believe us, it was a labour of love.

Lawrence Bailey and Kris Kotarski

Co-Editors, 2001 Gauntlet Bar Supplement


Jen Arbon • Cory Bass • Oliver Bladek • Patrick Boyle • Bapi Chakraborty • Anna Chan • Mary Chan • Melissa Chau • Joel Chury • Ken Clarke • Ruth Davenport • Tara DiBenedetto • Alison Gowling • James Keller Nicole Kobie • Lindsay Lambert • Ryan Laverty Kristian Leach • Bonnie Leung • Michael Leung • Вen Li • Greg Mann • Craig Norman • Matt Oakes • Еvan Osentоn Andre Rodrigues • Andrew Ross • Natalie Sit • Aaron Whitfield

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