Dinos are doing it, just doing it

By Kris Kotarski

The University of Calgary athletic teams are ready for another season of competition and they plan to look good.

Dinos volleyball and basketball teams will begin the 2001/2002 season with a new agreement in place with Planet Sports Group, under which the teams will sport brand new Nike apparel.

According to Lisa Bacigalupi in Dinos Marketing, the one-year contract ensures the teams in question will wear Nike uniforms, Nike footwear and Nike warm-up gear.

"They’re committed to supply Nike to us and in return we’ll wear only Nike stuff," she said. "We’re breaking new ground in terms of outfitting a team with only one supplier.

"The deal is only for one year, so we can re-evaluate if we want to be with one supplier afterwards."

The new deal gives the Dinos teams free home and away uniforms–jerseys for the volleyball teams and both shorts and jerseys for basketball. Along with the uniforms, the Dinos will get discounted rates on warm-up apparel and footwear.

"It’s not really a sponsorship," explained Fabian Baptiste of Planet Sports group. "The teams still pay for their gear. What we’re doing is getting the teams the stuff they want for a better price."

"They came to us in April and wanted to include us," said Dinos women’s volleyball Head Coach Kevin Boyles. "We’re getting great stuff at reasonable rates. It’s money we would have had to spend otherwise."

"Nike is the best stuff out there," agreed Shawnee Harle, Head Coach of the women’s basketball team. "It’s great for our players. There are always some little glitches but I don’t forsee any problems."

"Most of the guys choose to wear Nike anyway," added Chris Harris of the men’s basketball team. "It’s considered top of the line. The only downside is that we do fundraisers now and we sell their T-shirts and stuff. It takes a little time."

When asked about Nike’s spotty labour record, the Dinos expressed no concerns.

"Every company–if you dig–has something in their closet," said Bacigalupi. "We’re trying to get involved with good corporate citizens and we feel Nike has been one lately."

"Bottom line," said Boyles, "we’re gonna look good on the floor."