New Variations

By Raquel Mann

Garage-punk bad-asses, yeah! With all the mainstream soft punk floating around today, these four rowdy rockheads sure know how to refresh the headbanger’s soul. Just by looking at New Variations’ kinky cover, you can tell that The Exploders are all about sexy hard rock ‘n’ roll. The album busts out with vigorous lyrics, accompanied by in-your-face fast-fingered guitar and bass, and drums that bang a ruckus. All though it might sound a little chaotic, the quartet still manages to integrate the chaos into well structured, catchy tunes. If you want to hear this for yourself, just listen to the guitar and guest organ battle it out in the song, “Teethclencher.” This album boasts the kind of explosive flavour that a good shot of Jack Daniels might leave in your mouth.

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