The U of C’s real deal: Dan Biggs

By Kris Kotarski

Who is Dan Biggs?

"Biggs is a way of life–a philosophy," he says after a short pause to collect his thoughts. "It’s all about loving people."

Dan Biggs is actually an assistant wrestling coach with the University of Calgary Dinos Wrestling team and a former varsity athlete. When concussion problems ended his wrestling career prematurely, Biggs turned to coaching. But Biggs wasn’t too upset. He continues to work with the program and refer to himself in third person.

"Biggs loves all people," he says. "No matter who they are. Biggs loves the short, the tall, the fat, the thin-legged, those wearing team Romania shirts, anyone really."

His enthusiasm and charisma transferred to coaching and he became an instant favourite with the younger members of the Dinos club.

"Biggs created his own series while wrestling–it’s called the ‘big boy’ series," he boasts. "It has about eight different variations. Biggs took great glee in showing it to his young pupils until one of the girls he coached was in the senior world championships qualifying match and she did the "big boy"series and managed to pin herself.

"It’s the perfect plex, from Mr. Perfect of WWF fame," he says, with obvious reverence for the classic World Wrestling Federation wrestler. The modified fisherman’s suplex isn’t the only thing Biggs picked up from Mr. Perfect.

"I was watching Mr. Perfect when I was younger and I admired him," he says, now in first person. "He’s sort of a role model. He’s a multi-sport athlete, especially when they first released him in the WWF. He was shooting the three pointers, the half-court jump shots, he threw a football to himself and he dove off the 50 metre tower.

"That was pretty impressive. I watched him. I admired. Mr. Perfect is pretty much the epitome of role model for myself."

Biggs also idolizes Shawn Michaels–the WWF’s Heartbreak Kid.

"I like the confidence," he says. "Naming stuff after himself, the intro music of ‘Sexy Boy’… Once I realized that you can be a lot like pro wrestlers and still have people like you, I was a success in life."

With the help of coaching, his former teammates and Mr. Perfect, Biggs has come a long way. With his rambunctious youth still remembered by some, Biggs personifies Dinos folklore. Rumours of his blatant exhibitionism are well known in the hallowed halls of kineseology.

"I’ve inadvertently been naked in the weight room," he smiles. "That’s sort of a Biggs moment. I had my pants pulled down while hanging from a chin up bar. Apparently some female basketball team members got the full monty."

"It was kind of a thrill–that was pretty exciting."

Only a couple of courses away from his second degree, Biggs has admittedly grown up. Coaching is his favorite and he works for AIDS Calgary with an eye on a possible career in social work.

For now however, "Biggs is all about having fun."