Thorner by a nose

By Jane Alkhouri

Jane Alkhouri The students who voted in the recent Students’ Union by-election would fit into a standard-sized lecture theatre.

One race, nine acclamations and two spots still vacant were the results of the 2001 SU by-election which was held from Oct. 10-12.

"The elections promotions committee put up posters, ads in the Gauntlet and put up banners for the by-election," said Chris Kerr, SU Vice-President Events. "We never thought the final voter turnout would be so low."

The result of the race for the single contested position, events commissioner, was very close.

"Both candidates had the same SU experience: none," said Kerr. "They both did well at the forum."

Ian Thorner, founder of "Snow Pants Day," a celebration of the end of the fall session, defeated Scott Barrington by a margin of 106 votes, 307 to 201. Voter turnout was 2.38 per cent.

Joining the academic commission by acclamation are Dan Skitch, Gavin Preston and Jonathan Olsen.

"I was exposed to the SU by my cousin and my U of C 101 Student Leader," said Skitch. "I wanted to get involved because I have seen many things that I don’t agree with."

"I am pleased to have a full commission," said VP Academic Nic Porco. "However, elections are important because they tend to weed out those not wanting to make commitments and bring out more voters."

Six candidates were acclaimed to various commissioner and Student Academic Assembly positions. They include Yana Mikhailovski, External Commission; Frankie Evans, Education Representative; Stuart Ward, Fine Arts Representative; Stefan Lohka, Humanities Representative; Ellen Tsui, Nursing Representative; Layne Dorge, Social Work Representative. SAA positions for Kinesiology and Science faculty reps remain vacant.

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