Disco craze takes over Red Gym

By Lawrence Bailey

While we all need to respect our elders, it’s nice to let them know who’s boss. That’s why athletes strive to break records, to establish new traditions and let the ones who came before know they’re old news.

The 2001/02 instalment of the University of Calgary Dinos men’s basketball team did just that Sat., Oct. 13, beating a Dinos alumni squad 88-70.

"In the end I think [the alumni team] just ran out of gas," ex-plained Dinos Head Coach Dan Vanhooren. "We ended up with a lot of odd-man breaks. That’s what happens when you aren’t training anymore."

Saturday Night Fever, as the disco-themed soirée was dubbed, was the first chance for the boys to get some game experience under their belts. For the crew of ballers it was a welcome relief after over a month of tryouts and practices.

"It’s nice to get playing," said guard Adam Begley. "We were able to get our legs under us, start clicking and get the offence running smoothly."

The Dynamic Duo displayed they haven’t missed a beat, as Whit Hornsberger, primarily playing shooting guard this season, lit up the old timers for 27 points while his brother in the backcourt John Riad added a solid 15–but what else did you expect?

Beyond the usual, there were still some pleasant surprises–not unlike Morris Petersen for last year’s Toronto Raptors–for fans and players alike.

"Chris Wright showed he’s going to be a really good player," marvelled Begley. "He brings a lot of energy and attacked all the shots."

However, others weren’t caught off-guard by the rookie forward’s immediate impact.

"A lot of people are surprised, but we aren’t at all," beamed Vanhooren. "He’s an amazing talent and I think he was really overlooked in the recruiting process. Most teams focused on guys from Raw Sheppard [High School in Edmonton] and I think that was a big mistake."

Next up on the Dinos schedule are a couple of games on the West Coast against Trinity Western University and the University of Victoria. The irony of the scheduling lies in the fact that the Dinos disappointing 2000/01 campaign ended with road losses against those same two teams.

"We’re pretty excited to start out by going to Trinity and UVic," said Begley. "It’s a chance to avenge getting knocked us out last year. Everyone’s excited to start our year against them."

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