Picking up the pieces made easy

By Chris Morrison

Have you ever seen the cartoon “Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips?”I doubt you have, as it has been banned. It’s a World War II era short featuring Bugs, in his pre-Chuck Jones drawn days, matching wits with a not too bright Japanese soldier. The soldier looks like any other mid-20th century American stereotype of an… Continue reading Picking up the pieces made easy

SU drops the ball on tuition

By James Keller

In the growing tradition of Students’ Union’s do-it-yourself politics, some concerns I expressed recently were met with the challenge to "attend an SLC meeting (so [I] have some basis for [my] misguided rants)." So, much to the surprise of some SU executives, I attended the weekly Students’ Legislative Council meeting last week.Some of these "misguided… Continue reading SU drops the ball on tuition

Legislating the death of freedom

By Joanna Farley

In the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize something incredibly sad. If the Liberal government passes Bills C-36 and C-35 into law, I will no longer have many of the rights I immigrated to this country for.The proposed legislation states that any Canadian who commits or merely considers an act that endangers others commits… Continue reading Legislating the death of freedom

Is the Lady of the House in?

By Ruth Davenport

An otherwise peaceful and productive weekend was ruined for me when, during a perfectly civil disagreement with an associate, he told me that "women’s personalities are not suited for federal level political leadership."I was positively stunned but quickly regrouped and asked a few questions."Don’t you think you’re making a gross generalization? Are you saying that… Continue reading Is the Lady of the House in?