Women’s Volleyball

By Kris Kotarski

While the mighty cougar is a solitary animal, there are cougars that travel in packs. These super-cougars exist at frat parties, the Back Alley, and most notably on the University of Regina campus. "Teamwork" Cougars are good at bleaching their hair, going tanning and chasing after guys who played hockey in high school–volleyball is not their forte. This was proven again and again by the University of Calgary women’s volleyball squad as they exposed the Regina Cougars for the frauds they really are. The Dinos won two straight 3-0 matches last weekend, and showed once more why they deserve the number-one ranking in Canada and Regina deserves a spot in the basement.

"We tried a lot of different lineups again," said Dinos Head Coach Kevin Boyles after the wins. "It’s hard to be motivated playing a second straight weekend against a team like that."

The Dinos are coming off the easy part of their schedule in which they earned four wins without breaking a sweat. Next up is a trip to Winnipeg where they’ll face the defending national champs, the Manitoba Bisons.

The Bisons have matched Calgary stride for stride so far this season, sporting an identical 8-0 record heading into their final games before Christmas. With the Dinos awe-inspiring offence firing on all cylinders and Manitoba ranked second in the country, the Dinos look forward to proving their worth on the court.

"I hope it’s going to be a battle," said Boyles. "We’re pretty ready for it. We haven’t been very successful in their gym in the past, but a lot has changed since then."


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