Sloan rocks ballroom

By Tara DiBenedetto

"Sloooan! Sloooan!"

Chanting fans greeted the return of one of Canada’s most established rock acts to the MacEwan Hall Ballroom.

After a brief introduction, the band kicked off the concert with their newest single, "If It Feels Good Do It" from their newest album, Pretty Together. With an enthusiastic crowd, deafening sound and a diverse array of lighting, Sloan soon had the audience jumping. Although much of the performance was from their newest album, they also pulled songs from their wide repertoire, especially Twice Removed and Between the Bridges. Although the highly charged entrance gave way to a more relaxed atmosphere, the band never slowed down. The band shared the main vocals, reversed the guitarist and the drummer and constantly switched between acoustic and electric performances, allowing each member to showcase their considerable talents.

After a dozen songs, the band got the crowd moving with a rocking finale. Playing through three songs without a break, they gave the performance an interactive touch by inviting a fan onstage for the final song.

As the band walked off stage, the chanting began anew. After much cheering from the crowd, the band launched into an amazing encore. After belting out an audience favourite, "Money City Maniacs," which featured a cover of the Rolling Stones’ "Jumping Jack Flash" in the middle of the song, Sloan invited opening band Flashing Lights to join them onstage.With the added vocals and instrumentation, Sloan’s unorthodox encore provided an exciting and fitting end to an engaging night.

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