Suspected offender nabbed

By Allie Smyth

Calgary Police Services got their man.

David Gould, 51 years old, of MacEwan Park Rise NW, was arrested on Sun., Oct. 28. Investigators charged Gould with two counts of sexual assault and one count of forcible confinement for events occurring on June 15 and Aug. 18, 2001. Investigations into three other incidents are ongoing, including the Sept. 9 sexual assault at the University of Calgary.

Thanks to numerous tips from the Calgary community and two of Gould’s victims, CPS investigators are confident the right man is in custody.

"Identification by victims of the accused are certain," said Detective Rene Lafreniere of CPS. "We are doing everything we can to make sure he is the right guy."

Gould appeared before the Provincial Court on Wed., Oct. 31, where the Duty Counsel requested the matter be delayed until Nov. 2. It is expected that Gould will enter a plea of not guilty, and elect how he will be tried. At that time, the presiding judge could release Gould on bail.

Although investigators attempt to balance the needs of society against the needs of the accused, it is hoped that Gould will remain incarcerated until his trial is over.

"There will be a strong request made by the Crown on Friday for Gould to be kept in custody until he is either convicted or acquitted," said Lafreniere. "We are actively trying to track down other victims and we don’t want him having contact with those victims."

Investigators at CPS have been unable to lay charges against Gould in connection with the Sept. 9 U of C sexual assault as the victim has left the country.

"We now have to locate the victims who are now in Japan," said Lafreniere. "There is a protocol for the RCMP and Interpol to follow and it could take a while."

Campus Security has issued a trespass notice, which means Gould is unwelcome on any of the university properties and can be arrested if found here.

"Given the circumstances we are going to make this a special case," said Lanny Fritz, U of C Campus Security Manager. "Given the potential for [Gould] to be released on bail pending trial, the proximity of his residence to the university and his history of perpetuating crimes on campuses, we are going to officially ban him."

Bob King, Manager of Security and Public Safety at Mount Royal College, echoed the sentiment.

"We will definitely ban him from all MRC campuses," he said.

Campus Security believes that Gauntlet reporting contributed to the investigation and ultimate arrest of Gould.

"The October 25 issue of the Gauntlet, with the front page composite of the suspect in the Sept. 9 sexual assault on campus, generated some tips to our office in Campus Security, which we immediately relayed to Calgary police investigators," said Fritz.

"It is fair to say that several helpful hints came from the university," said Lafreniere.

Lafreniere stressed the importance of the public’s continued involvement and encouraged anyone with information or concerns to contact Crime Stoppers at

"There are likely other victims out there that we don’t yet know about, and there are women that did not go with him," said Lafreniere. "They have a great deal of evidence to contribute."

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