BSD, make way for SPD

By Ian Thorner

As another semester winds down, I know what you need. You need to relax. What better way to relax this Dec. 7 than in a styling pair of snow pants surrounded by friends and getting goofed? That’s right people. The second annual Snow Pants Day is upon us. Time for one last kick before you buckle down for finals.

SPD is the beginning of another fine University of Calgary tradition in the style of the infamous Bermuda Shorts Day. It came to me last year that we don’t have enough days like BSD where students can relax, forget about school and just have some fun. That’s when I came up with the idea of SPD. Now, this all started as a crackpot idea snow pants and have some fun. Before I knew it the Gauntlet jumped on board and started writing about my little idea. And the rest, hopefully, is going to become history.

BSD all started a long time ago when someone simply wrote "Wear Bermuda shorts tomorrow" on a couple of campus classroom chalkboards. From that simple beginning, the U of C’s finest ritual was born. Last year, SPD was in its infancy as just a small event that some people knew about. This year is going to be different. This year planning actually went into it. We are going to have a student stage set up in MacHall in the afternoon with other events happening there as well. The Den and Black Lounge will be ready for SPD with specially-priced "winter beverages" as well as a chance to sit out on the patio in your snow pants and enjoy some fine company. There will also be an opportunity to strut your best/worst snow pants during the costume contest in the Den. Lastly, SPD wouldn’t be the same without events like a snowman building contest.

Make SPD a day to remember, full of stupefied students wandering down halls to the swish-swish of snow pants and good times spent playing in the snow. So come out this Dec. 7 and join the masses in celebrating U of C’s newest tradition, Snow Pants Day.

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