Jessie kicks some serious ass

By Kris Kotarski

"You know why the soccer cabs are such a big success," said Dinos captain Jessie Norrie with a devious smile. "It’s because the soccer girls are so good looking. If you don’t drink all year you drink three times: soccer cab one, soccer cab two, and Bermuda Shorts Day."

While these are the sentiments shared by most on campus, they are best personified in Norrie. The graduating midfielder from the women’s soccer team has earned legendary status both on and off the field. Her versatility is well known as Norrie has played every position on the field at least once–even goalie.

Head Coach Robin Slot put Norrie into the game with fear in his eyes and a thumping heart. It was 1998, and the Dinos were playing in their first ever national championship–a game they would eventually win. The regular keeper took a cleat in the face shortly before halftime and Norrie had to go in net.

"I suppose when we first said Jessie would be our backup we thought ‘worst comes to worst, she played some volleyball and had some good jumping ability,’" said Slot with grin. "But she played in the national final."

"After we won, Robin came up to me and asked ‘were you scared?’" continued Norrie. "I said I was and he said ‘how do you think I felt?’"

Norrie’s tenure in net lasted only five minutes and the Dinos won their only national title in women’s soccer. After that, Norrie briefly interrupted her soccer career for a Bo Jackson-esque stint with the Dinos volleyball squad.

"I really dedicated myself to it," she said. "I honestly thought I wouldn’t come back to play soccer."

"I was surprised she wanted to pursue it," added Slot. "We came off our championship year–maybe she accomplished everything she wanted to in soccer."

"We convinced her to come back to the good side," said graduating teammate Leanne Pelosi after Norrie failed to make the last cut. "And it’s been great since."

Norrie had her finest season to date in 2001 as she rode her nearly automatic penalty kick scoring to third place on the league’s sniper list.

"She steals everyone else’s goals with her PKs," laughed Pelosi. "She stole three of mine."

With her outstanding play in the midfield, Norrie earned her first Canada West All Star citation in 2001. All is not done, however, as she will earn a BComm in April 2002. Then, Norrie will be on her way but the impressive legacy of "Captain D.W." will remain. Her athleticism and happy persona will be missed by fans and teammates alike.

However, many questions still linger on.

"She’s really flexible, I always wondered why," said one teammate, obviously distraught by Norrie’s impending graduation. "And there’ll be no more Jessie Norrie stories at warmup."