Good gates make good neighbours

By Jordan Petty

Ever feel locked out? University of Calgary students Ira Wells and Jordan Petty sat down with English professor Dr. Harry Vandervlist to discuss the phenomenon of gated communities. Aside from teaching poetry and critical theory for the English department, Vandervlist recently taught a course exploring urban spaces in contemporary English literature.Wells: There are now 20,000… Continue reading Good gates make good neighbours

CD copy-protection

By Вen Li

The Doors, 2 Pac, Jewel, N*Sync and Destiny’s Child may clash musically, but their fans have something in common: angst against copy-protected CDs. Dubbed “corrupt music disks” by some, copy-protected CDs purposely include invalid data to defeat computer CD readers and mp3 rippers in an effort to minimize unauthorized duplication of songs."[Universal Music Group] is… Continue reading CD copy-protection


By Clancy Russel

Aries (April 17-May 11)Richard Nixon is still secretly holding that old grudge against you. Don’t sweat it though, you only gave him what he had coming anyways. You should know that we think you should buy a lottery ticket Friday. You should also know that the lottery board paid us to say that.Taurus (May 12-June… Continue reading Horoscopes