Fun and games

By James Keller

The most-contested race, surprisingly, had the largest winning margin.

Current Students’ Union events commissioner Irene Enyedy took the Vice-president Events race with 1,972 votes, followed by fellow commisioner Ian Thorner with 1,041. Robert Overmann received 219 votes, Geoffrey Schoenberg 275 and second runner-up Robbie Schuett claimed 499.

Enydedy was delighted with the results.

"I don’t think there’s words for it," she said. "I worked really hard and I’m excited that I won."

Enyedy also expressed satisfaction and support for the Chief Returning Officer’s decision to extend the voting period by a day despite suggestions this effected the election’s integrity.

"I think [the election] was run as fairly as it could have been," said Enyedy. "The first year with Internet voting is going to be a difficult process, but the [CRO’s] decision was the best step to take."

Thorner disagreed, saying too many election bylaws were contravened.

"Overall, this election has been a gong show, because there’s been so many bylaws broken," he said, offering examples. "Every [bylaw] about confidentiality of ballots was broken."

Current VP Events Chris Kerr stands by the election and supports Enyedy’s victory.

"I think all of the candidates really put up a good effort this year," said Kerr. "I think Irene’s going to do a great job. I think all the candidates have a lot to offer and obviously Irene was the one that was picked. I’m curious to see what she’s going to try and pull out of her hat this year."

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