Senate Rep.

By Kim Stock

It’s a shame Matt Dalidowicz ran for Senate this particular year. With all his hard work, research, enthusiasm and knowledge he would be a shoe-in were SU veterans Oliver Ho and Oliver Bladek not in the race.


Dalidowicz understands the Senate, how it works and upcoming changes such as the new Chancellor. Moreover, he’s willing and able to convey that knowledge clearly.

Working with U of C 101, PSO and U of C and You clearly gave Dalidowicz an appreciation of university-community relations, a big part of what the Senate is all about.


The best part about Dalidowicz’s plan is his willingness to make the Senate and his work on it more accessible to all through a Web site, including making himself accessible to the Senate.

His Web site idea is good, but may get lost in the sea of other proposed U of C awareness sites by other student politicians (this Internet thing is really taking off, isn’t it?).


With such enthusiasm, experience, willingness to learn and an understanding of his own strengths, weaknesses and how to address those, Dalidowicz has the potential to be an excellent senator or SU exec, just not in this year’s senate race. An extra year to make his platform even better almost ensures this candidate a victory should he decide to run again.

Magic Eight Ball says:

Don’t count on it.

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