In a Cathedral

By Lindsay Driediger

I am standing in drenching rain peering up at a great cathedral, through a chilling mist that, condensed on the flanks of two shaggy horses, has turned to ice. This makes it hard to see and so I hurry across the street to take shelter under the tremendous eaves, where I feel my fingers slowly… Continue reading In a Cathedral

Women’s Hockey

By Ryan Laverty

Talent: C-Two years after the fact, this Dinos squad is still feeling the ravaging effects of a Canada West rule prohibiting AAA players from also playing university hockey. The majority of the team is made up of former ringette players, a game played on ice, but a far cry from hockey. The goaltending is strong,… Continue reading Women’s Hockey

Women’s Basketball

By Ryan Laverty

Talent: B+There is old and new, developed and developing talent on this team. The Dinos women’s basketball team, with Jen Goldade and Natalie Hudec as the two veterans and some rookies with great potential, has a lot of talent around.However, departing talent has to be replaced by other strong players and everyone on the team… Continue reading Women’s Basketball