Upholding truth and justice

By Ruth Davenport

For the second time this year, University of Calgary students were instrumental in thwarting would-be criminals.

"It’s really good," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "This is a real ‘attaboy!’ story."

The real-life mini-drama began on Mon., April 1 when a laptop was stolen from the Information and Communication Technologies building. The next day, the three U of C students-whose identities could not be revealed-found two young offenders stealing food from a staff lounge on the seventh floor of the ICT building. The students called Campus Security and followed the offenders as they left the lounge, proceeding to the fourth floor.

"The students detained the offenders," explained Fritz. "They blocked their path and advised them they weren’t going anywhere."

Upon the arrival of Campus Security officers, the offenders were relieved of the foodstuffs and several torn-out yellow pages containing listings for various pawn shops.

"They had three cans of coke, one can of pepsi and a package of smoked ham," said Fritz. "They hadn’t taken much but the pawn shop listings suggest they were probably going to take a lot more."

The two offenders also, according to Fritz, lied about their identity and claimed that five CDs in their possession were not stolen.

"They claim the CDs belonged to the mother of one of them," said Fritz. "I guess we would too if the CDs were Brooks and Dunn, Faith Hill, Little Texas and George Fox."

The offenders were taken to the Campus Security office and turned over to Calgary Police Services, when they subsequently admitted to stealing the laptop on Monday.

Fritz commended the three unknown U of C stalwarts for their assistance.

"It shows initiative on their part and good judgement," he said. "They demonstrated a very organized and measured response. It’s a good example of how citizens can legitimately take charge of a situation involving theft and have a positive outcome."

The two offenders had previously been released from custody for automobile theft.

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