No services, no upgrades, no more toys

By Ruth Davenport

Campus groups are no closer to filling the gaps left by the recent dissolution of the Community Lottery Boards in the provincial budget."We did sort of depend on it," said University of Calgary Dean of Fine Arts Dr. Anne Calvert. "There is no obvious solution."The Calgary Community Lottery Board supplied 30 campus-based applicants with funds… Continue reading No services, no upgrades, no more toys

Securing the forest

By Eric Fung

Protestors aren’t camping out on the University of Calgary grounds just yet, but they are listening and asking all the questions they can.Students, activists and citizens alike attended the forum on Group of Eight summit security in MacEwan Hall on Thu., March 28. The G-8 summit, which will be held in Kananaskis from June 28–29,… Continue reading Securing the forest

Presidential prizewinners

By Вen Li

“It’s like winning an Oscar,” said Rahim Sajan as he accepted first place at the 2002 University of Calgary President’s Challenge, beating out 44 other contestants. Then President Murray Fraser initiated the annual competition in 1995 to solicit ideas from students, faculty and staff for enhancing the campus experience."My proposal was for a president’s run… Continue reading Presidential prizewinners

Upholding truth and justice

By Ruth Davenport

For the second time this year, University of Calgary students were instrumental in thwarting would-be criminals."It’s really good," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "This is a real ‘attaboy!’ story."The real-life mini-drama began on Mon., April 1 when a laptop was stolen from the Information and Communication Technologies building. The next day, the three U… Continue reading Upholding truth and justice

The ABCs of BSD

By Andrea Bundon

Maurice Yacowar left two legacies at the University of Calgary-one well-known and loved and one well-known.Not only is the former Dean of Fine Arts the founder of the Gauntlet, he is also credited as the co-creator of Bermuda Shorts Day."The way Maurice tells the story is that [he and a friend] wrote on the chalkboard… Continue reading The ABCs of BSD

Child care getting pricey

By Andrea Bundon

It’s a debate without a resolution.After two months of discussion, the Board of Directors of the University of Calgary Child Care Centre and many student parents still do not see eye-to-eye on the matter of a fee increase."It was a decision out of a board meeting in January," said UCCC Board Chair Katherine Sheehan. "It’s… Continue reading Child care getting pricey

Preparing for the G–6B

By Allie Smyth

Billed as the “People’s Summit,” the Group of Six Billion Conference will be held at the University of Calgary June 21–25, 2002."The world doesn’t need another club like the Group of Eight telling it what to do, working mostly behind closed doors," said G–6B Conference Coordinator Lynn Foster at a press conference on Wed., April… Continue reading Preparing for the G–6B

Stambaugh on the brink

By Allie Smyth

An otherwise innocuous question sparked a debate at the April 2 Students’ Legislative Council meeting that brought the membership of Students’ Union Operations and Finance Commissioner Matt Stambaugh on SLC in question.Operations and Finance Commissioner Mark Counsell asked Vice-President Op-Fi Natasha Dhillon about Stambaugh’s attendance for the semester."This is the fourth meeting Mr. Stambaugh has… Continue reading Stambaugh on the brink

Gauntlet joins CanWest Global

By Floorpail Day

It’s official.Your friendly neighborhood student newspaper is now a part of Izzy Asper’s media empire.“We are proud to welcome the Gauntlet and it’s staff to our growing family of media properties,” said Asper. “I believe that this–acquisition–will benefit both the our Southam publications and University of Calgary.”Asper made the announcement on Mon. April 1 after… Continue reading Gauntlet joins CanWest Global