Two views on A View from the Summit

By James Keller

Lawrence BaileyFeatures EditorWhat results from belief and passion without understanding? A whole lot of well-meant but counterproductive activity. View From The Summit succeeded, perhaps unwittingly, in exposing the central failing of the modern protest movement.Shot by a handful of documentary filmmakers in three different languages, the film offers a fleeting yet telling glimpse of the… Continue reading Two views on A View from the Summit

Researchers win awards

By Kelly Benedict

Five University of Calgary researchers will share in $2.2 million awarded by the Alberta Ingenuity Fund. The 2002 Ingenuity Associateships will be awarded to 16 Alberta academics to attract researchers to the province and encourage research expansion.Award recipient Dr. David Corr–a new addition to the U of C Department of Kinesiology from the University of… Continue reading Researchers win awards

Skaters Paradise

By Corinna Callsen

Attention all skaters and all those who want to be one. A new playground for guys, girls, kids and adults on boards will open its doors and ramps very soon. Whether you don’t know what a skateboard looks like, had some embarrassing encounters with one or think walking is an uncomfortable exception for you–the Source… Continue reading Skaters Paradise

University of Calgary officials prepare for G8

By Corinna Callsen

University officials assured the community of a safe environment and an interesting program on campus in the weeks to come at a g8 information session, on June 5, 2002.Up to 15,000 people are expected to come to Calgary during the g8 summit and co-ordinator of the Office for University g8 Activities Bill Warden is concerned… Continue reading University of Calgary officials prepare for G8

The very long goodbye

By Вen Li

“It’s not so much what you do but how you do it.”In his own words, Jack Perraton summed up his four-year term as the University of Calgary’s Chancellor. U of C Senators wholeheartedly agree."He’s been an excellent, timeless ambassador to the university," said U of C President Harvey Weingarten. "He’s taken the time to know… Continue reading The very long goodbye

East is East and West is West

By Chris Morrison

There is a scene in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, sort of a novel within a novel, where the Grand Inquisitor is interrogating Christ upon his return to earth in 16th century Seville. The Inquisitor accuses the Christian messiah of misleading man with the gift of free will. Man is actually rebellious, and naturally would… Continue reading East is East and West is West

The circus rolls into Ottawa

By Esther E. Steeves

What was he thinking?In the midst of a storm cloud of suspected corruption, the Liberals had just begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel.Suddenly, that light disappeared. Their leader blocked the exit with one Paul Martin, a formidable obstacle that will not be easily removed.Though summer vacation had been fast approaching,… Continue reading The circus rolls into Ottawa

Business? Lying? Who knew?

By Вen Li

Last week, the University of Calgary Faculty of Management changed its name to honour local businessman and former U of C Board of Governors Chairman Dick Haskayne, who donated $16 million to the university. Money drives things, that’s great. We can never have too many people supporting post-secondary education. What’s bothersome is the school’s creative… Continue reading Business? Lying? Who knew?

Nuclear Toy Story

By Kyle Young

It used to be that nuclear weapons were tools of diplomacy, something superpowers could sit on as assurance that anyone foolish enough to invade wouldn’t survive the encounter. However, as the world continues to develop, more nations are going to obtain nuclear capabilities, superpowers or not. Such is the case with India and Pakistan.Nuclear weapons… Continue reading Nuclear Toy Story