Gauntlets Liberted

By Вen Li

Somebody dislikes the University of Calgary’s student newspaper.

On the evening of Monday, Sept. 2, one or more unknown individuals relocated approximately 2,000 copies of the Aug. 8 issue of the Gauntlet from pick-up stands to nearby garbage, bottle and other receptacles. Stands in publically-accessable parts of campus remained devoid of papers for about two hours as Gauntlet staffers reversed the misdeed.

"This makes me curious," said Gauntlet Editor-in-Chief Kris Kotarski. "I don’t know who would do this."

Within about one hour, more than a dozen Gauntlet stands in the Science Complex, MacEwan Students’ Centre and the Engineering complex were methodically vandalized. Only one stand in msc remained untouched.

A few copies of Arch magazine–the U of C alumni publication–were similarly vandalized but all stands in buildings closed early on holiday Monday were untouched.

Campus Security has been notified of the caper but no leads have been generated so far. It is hoped that closed-circuit survailence of at least one stand will point the way to a culprut.

An exhaustive search of dumpsters around campus revealed no additional copies of the Gauntlet.

No one has claimed responsibility.