SU by-elections next week

By Eric Fung

It will be business as usual when the Students’ Union runs its by-election from Oct. 9-11.

“A great deal of preparation has been going into this election,” said Chief Returning Officer Shuvaloy Majumdar. “It’s been meeting after meeting after meeting.”

Students in the Faculty of Communication and Culture will be electing one of four candidates as their faculty’s Student Academic Assembly Representative. The positions for Kinesiology, Medicine, and Social Work representatives were acclaimed; the others remain unfilled. The deadline for nominations closed Sept. 26.

“There is a committee set up by the SU to have people apply for these positions,” said Majumdar. “I

guess they did a good job this year.”

A polling station will be set up in MacEwan Students’ Centre. Unlike

last March’s general election, on-line voting will not be available.

“Paper ballots will be in place this time,” said Majumdar. “I imagine it’s a matter of budgeting restraints. It’s a clean process, black-and-white.”

Although the turnout for SU elections has been traditionally low, especially for by-elections, Majumdar explained that getting students excited is entirely up to the candidates.

“My job is to make sure things run smoothly,” he said. “I don’t foresee any problems and I certainly hope there aren’t any.”

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