United Way kickoff

By Andrea Bundon

When it comes to raising money, who could be better than the University of Calgary business school?

The Haskayne School of Business will host this year’s United Way BBQ on Wed., Oct. 16 to kick off the U of C’s United Way initiative.

“The U of C supports a number of different events and the BBQ is just one of them,” said Francey Pisicoli, a program co-ordinator with the Haskayne School of Business and the marketing/promotions co-ordinator for the campus’ United Way campaign. “It’s kind of the social event to start everything off and it contributes to the overall U of C United Way goal of $222,222.22.”

The BBQ on the South Lawn of MacEwan Students’ Centre will feature a band, door prizes and VIP waiters, including President Harvey Weingarten, administrators and Dinos athletes.

Different departments and programs take turns hosting the BBQ each year in a campus-wide effort to raise funds. Throughout the year, each department will host a variety of events including a fashion show to reach the goal.

The U of C is a long time supporter of the United Way raising $220,928 last year. This year, the financial goal is higher but the campaign hopes to attract 25 new donors from the campus reflecting their part in the United Way’s overall goal of increasing the number of donors by 5,000 city wide.

“We’re trying to make people more responsible in their community,” said Debbie Young, a Canada Post worker on loan to the United Way to help with the education campaign. She’s working with the U of C, Mount Royal College, Bow Valley College and the Calgary Board of Education to raise funds for community programs.

“[Our] role is to involve the students and teachers in their community,” explained Young.

BBQ Tickets cost $5 and are available from Campus Rec, the Haskayne School of Business and at different departments on campus.


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