Ferrets be saved

By Kyle Young

The exploits of the Ferret Rescue and Education Society have been well documented in past issues of the Gauntlet, (Alberta Ferret Society copes as evil volunteers try to wrest control, September 5, 2002), however, it seems as though this benevolent charity group may have gotten a bad wrap. As it turns out, FRES is in… Continue reading Ferrets be saved

Santa be evil

By Kyle Young

As you may or may not recall, AP made a seemingly outrageous claim earlier in the year that there was a correlation between Evil and facial hair (Evil people do not shave, September 9, 2002). Many scoffed, some even assumed we were joking. Well, you’ll soon be taking back all the cruel and nasty comments… Continue reading Santa be evil

Who’s hot… who’s not

By Mike Attersall

It’s a difficult thing, being beautiful. What’s more difficult however, is judging beauty, but we here at the Gauntlet strive to overcome even the most difficult of obstacles for you, our valued reader.How do we judge beauty you ask? Well it all starts with the judges. Academic Probation Editor Kyle Young and Sports Editor Mike… Continue reading Who’s hot… who’s not

Memories of India

By Colleen M. Potter

It has been almost a year since I was in India as part of the University of Calgary Term Abroad Program for Fall 2001. When people ask me about my experiences, the first story I inevitably tell is riding the train to northern India. My roommate and I were on a 22-hour train ride to… Continue reading Memories of India