Editor, the Gauntlet: Letters

By Dennis Kerber

Re: “Do you know what a mullet is?” Jan. 23, 2003.

Your editorial criticizes the University of Calgary Students’ Union in general and its President Matt Stambaugh in particular for their approach to fighting the proposed tuition increase and the proposed differential tuition for selected faculties. In my opinion you’re giving your student representatives a bum rap on this one. I’m not aware of the “mullet” campaign, but it seems to me that you guys could use some gimmickry to spur debate and activism on this issue and raise awareness among the apathetic segment of your student population.

Among decision makers, however, you are correct in stating that something is needed that does not trivialize this serious issue. On this front, you need to give your student leadership a great deal more credit for their efforts. Matt Stambaugh recently made a formal presentation to a special senate information session on tuition. In my opinion, Matt’s presentation was the best, the most compelling and best researched of the three presentations made on the subject of tuition and proposed tuition increases. It was better, in my opinion, than the presentation by the administration.

Hopefully, staff of the Gauntlet can also use its ingenuity and content to spur student debate and raise awareness on this issue, rather than whining about the SU efforts.

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