By Matt Stambaugh

What a crazy day, two midterms, a paper, and a job interview. What are those strange tables with the computers set up for? Can’t be important, screw it.

The life of a student in mid February is not a calm one. With the demands of school and life in general attacking from all angles, a Students’ Union general election can seem like an inconvenience at best, least of all something to take note of and care to vote. However between Feb. 12-14 you will be given the opportunity to select your representatives for the next academic year, and ignoring your responsibility to vote can have dire consequences. Volunteer Services is proposing a levy increase. Are you willing to spend more on volunteerism on campus? There are four presidential candidates, what are their ideas? Is the SU going to support or continue to fight differential tuition next year? Questions that will be decided over a three day period, and at least ten minutes of your time now may help preserve some of your sanity over the next year. So look in the Gauntlet at the platforms, read the posters, come to the candidate forums (12:00 – 2:00 p.m. starting on Wed., Feb. 4) and make an informed vote. Defend your right to criticise, compliment, or converse on your Students’ Union next year, defend it by voting Feb. 12 – 14.

(Booths will be set up in high traffic locations around campus, or you can vote from any internet capable computer through www.su.ucalgary.ca Feb. 12 –14.)

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