External Commission

By Brian Arkinstall

A crowd of at least 30 students braved jazz saxophone music over the Tuesday lunch hour to hear five candidates explain why four of them should become next year’s Operations and Finance commissioners.

Most candidates focused on issues relating to differential tuition, student clubs, and money.

Candidate Jarrod Fuhr said that the three main issues facing student next year would be differential tuition, clubs funding, and the Students’ Union budget.

“A lot of expenditures are being made by the SU and sometimes students don’t know why we’re spending this money,” said Fuhr. “Students deserve someone who will look critically at every dollar that is spent to ensure it benefits students on campus.”

Fifth-year Environmental Science student Lisa Willot agreed that clubs funding should be addressed, and stated that more transparency in SU finances was needed.

“Students really need to be more aware of the fees,” she said. “There needs to be more accountable ways for students to see where their money goes.”

Former SU Op-Fi commissioner Mark Counsell had a slightly different interpretation of budgetary reform.

“All students need the Den and right now, not more services,” he said. “$6.25 pitchers: that’s the most important thing for students.”

Counsell also suggested that the SU seek corporate funding for the Refugee Student Program in lieu of an increase in the levy.

Oliver Onyekweli emphasized improving SU relations with the Residence Students Association over the Refugee Student Program and advocated participation through clubs.

“We need to promote awareness of clubs and ensure they get the funding they need,” said Onyekweli. “I will also ensure they will get the representation they deserve.”

Current Op-Fi Commissioner Scott Appleby also campaigned on clubs, differential tuition and lower Den prices.

“We should have a sandwich appreciation club at the Den,” Appleby said. “We should get volume discounts on sandwiches.”

Candidate Allessandro Roome-Sandrin did not attend the forum.

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